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Beulah Land Chats

Prayer Warriors and Ministry. All are Welcome! This Site Is For Sale - Contact: eomservers.orders@gmail.com To Obtain Ownership Of This Chatsite.


Evangel Outreach Chats

Fully moderated, Ministry Chat for all ages!


Yahwahs Kingdom Chats

Ministry Owned Chatsite for all ages!


Living Waters Chat Org

Chat Rooms For Fellowship/Monitors and Chatters Needed


Psalms 23 Chat Org

A Family Oriented Ministry Chatsite You Can Call Home


The Gospel Room Org/Step Of Faith Church

A Family Friendly Faith Church Ministry Chat


Christ Chat Net

A family-friendly faith-based Chat site.All Welcome!


Yahwah Radio Org

Free Gospel Radio Playing Various Rock And Contemporary Music and Preaching And Teachings - Click On Yahwah Radio Org To See The Website And How To Download The Destiny Media Player Which Yahwah Radio Plays On Your PC.


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2 - Your site must have a fully moderated, functioning family-friendly chat room included on the site.

3 - By "Family Friendly" we mean, it is to be a room where there is no cussing, slander, or anything that would go against the Bible

4 - Church Sites may be included, if they have a fully-functioning Chat Room

5 - Your Site MUST display the following logo on your site- there are no exceptions. The logo below is only a SAMPLE, once accepted to the program, you will be given a custom code to place on your site

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